Do You Have a Giant Family?

Short answer? Yes.

Kelsey and I have Five boys, five girls, and a beautiful daughter in law, all spread across a twenty two year span and including two sets of twins and six ethnicities.

We adopted six of them but we forgot which ones.  There’s also a greater tribe of folks we’ve made family but they don’t live in our house.  Just our heart.  Family is like that.


Do you still blog?

Actually, no.

I’m not ruling it out forever, but right now I’m so enjoying teaching most weekends that writing has taken a back burner.

I still have bajillion thoughts.  I’m just keeping a lot of them in a jar and tweeting the rest.

I deleted the archive for a fresh start.


I’d love to hear from you.  What are you thinking?  Have we met?  Do you drink your coffee black?  Why not?